Dr. Josh Johnson D.C.


Dr. Josh Johnson received his Doctorate of Chiropractic and spent an additional year studying at a top Scoliosis Intensive Care Facility where he specialized in Spinal Correction. He is certified in Maximized Living’s 5 Essentials and is a Wellness Advisory Council Doctor for USA teams such as USA Judo, USA Wrestling, and USA Weight Lifting. He is the official chiropractor for the ISU Gamma Phi Circus and has traveled to adjust teams such as the Denver Cutthroats hockey team, and elite athletes at the 2012 and 2013 CrossFit Regional Games. Together with Maximized Living, he has given direction to thousands on how to reclaim their health.


Lead CA/Internal Events Coordinator

Beth was born and raised in Central Illinois. In 2008 she attended Illinois State University for five years. After receiving care through Maximized Living her health was forever changed. She lost 60 pounds and had recovered from two herniations in her lower back all in a matter of 6 months. Since then she has become passionate about helping others achieve their life change as well. She accepted a job with Johnson Family Chiropractic in the summer of 2013. At the office she coordinates patients care and assists them in achieving their health goals. She also plans Internal Events including Dinners with the Doc, workshops and semi-annual Maximized Living Makeovers.


Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant/Product Coordinator

Kyla was raised in central Illinois and currently lives in Gridley, Illinois.  She has a huge passion when it comes to health and wellness and desires to help others see what real health means. As the Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant she leads and teaches patients in their care and helps them in the implementation of The 5 Essentials. She also helps in the promotion of all our events and is in charge of product promotion, making sure others have the opportunity to learn as much as possible in taking ownership of their health.


Tech CA/Back Office Manager

John was born and raised in Central Illinois. He graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Science in 2007 and joined Johnson Family Chiropractic early 2011 to help Dr. Johnson. John noticed that as he got care, symptoms like asthma and ear aches went away. He assists Dr. Johnson in running back office operations, records, maintenance, and technical support. John values the care and knowledge he receives at JFC and enjoys helping bring this to the community.


Part-time Office Manager/External Events Coordinator

Alicia was born in Rock Island, Illinois and raised in Downs, Illinois. She went to school for Psychology at San Diego Mesa in California, and returned back to Normal, Illinois in 2012. Alicia works with our partners and local businesses to get JFC involved in events and activities in the community. She coordinates events around town to help Dr. Johnson and his staff educate the community on Maximized Living and The 5 Essentials. She is passionate about the changes Maximized Living can give patients and loves hearing about success stories and improvements in their quality of life. Having been part of Johnson Family Chiropractic through chiropractic care and working in the office for about 3 years, she feels the staff is now more like a family to her than fellow co-workers. She looks forward to using everything she has learned from Maximized Living to better serve her family’s health and wellness needs.


Employee Affairs Coordinator

Dianne has lived in the Central Illinois for over 30 years and joined the JFC staff February 2012. She works part-time behind the scenes providing volunteer help orchestrating hirings, reviews, job descriptions, benefits & bonuses, staff relations, employee handbook policies, and staff events & meetings. She is also an advocate for the company sitting on the Admin Board. As a mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of three she is thankful for the role God, Maximized Living, Dr. Johnson, and family play in the good health she enjoys today as a Stage 3 Colon Cancer survivor. In living her life to the fullest she hopes to inspire others to take the path of health and wellness, which is possible at any age.